Instructional Resources

The Campus

It is situated in the plush green ambience of Mohammadpur , Faizabad far from the noise and pollution of the city.Aperfect learning adobe for the students , with all the required amenties.Be it the classroom with state of the art teaching aids library,conference hall,a huge auditorium or the hostel and mess,our aim is to provide our students the best facilities to suit their needs.Extracurricular activities help the students to chill out and to enhance their overall personality.


The Library

The library is a reservoir of strength , wit, order , thoughts which disseminate the knowledge amongst the readers.It is a source of priceless research articles , surveys, reports , case studies and news items.So is our library which contains a number of books and journels based on different topics.Apart from these, there are books related to the courses like D.El.ED./B.T.C.


Multipurpose Hall

The College has well equipped classrooms to facilitate effective teaching and learning. They are built with a lot of concern over the basic requirements like proper lighting and ventiletion to provide better environment to the students. They possess all the state of the art teaching aids as well.


Campus Accomodation

As it is a co-education college, we take extra care for the students residing in the college premises as per the facilities and security reasons.The rooms are located adjacent to the teaching departments and the whole of college premises to facilities the students. Each room comprise a bed, a bathroom and a wide courtyard.


Recreational Facilities

They include a wide spectrum of activities ranging from sports to those related with the personality development programs. The vast campus provide a pleasant to the students for activities like jogging , cycling etc. it also help them to intract with fellow students and develop their communication skills.


Camputer Lab

To cover the courses in all disciplines, the college has full facilities to educate and provide practical training also on the latest information technology, Internet, e-mail and DTP operations..